Recent News

A new article with grad student Elyza Pilatowski-Herzing as first author now published at Molecular Microbiology. Link

In a nice start to 2024, we have just been awarded a 5-year, $2.8 million NIH R35 grant. See here for details

Another Nature Microbiology paper for Catherine Badel -  her analysis of the chromosome architecture of an archaeon that lacks SMC proteins has just been published.

Bell Lab - Archaeal Chromosome Biology

The lab investigates the machineries that duplicate, express, organize and segregate the genome. To ensure viability, all cells must perform these processes in a timely and accurate manner. We exploit a multi-disciplinary range of cell and molecular biological, biochemical, genetic and structural approaches to determine the mechanistic and regulatory parameters that govern these essential cellular processes. Our work is driven by the evolutionary conservation of these fundamental machineries, allowing us to exploit archaea of the genus Sulfolobus as simple and robust model organisms.

Chromosome Biology

DNA Replication



Cell division

A significant announcement! The lab will be moving - Steve has accepted an "Ohio Eminent Scholar" post in the Microbiology Department at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. We'll be moving in August, 2024 and post-doc positions will be available in the new lab.