Chromosome Conformation

The nature and structure of archaeal chromosomes have been enigmatic for decades. Recently, we have adapted chromosome conformation capture technologies coupled with next-generation sequencing to provide the first descriptions of archaeal chromosome architecture. Our work revealed that Sulfolobus chromosomes have multiple scales of organization; ranging from  compartmentalization (100 - 1000 kb scale), through local chromosome interaction domains (10s- 100s of kb) to locus-specific loop structures. Our ongoing work is investigating the machineries that effect these levels of organization and their dynamic regulation during cell growth.

Hi-C contact maps revealing chromosome compartments

3C contact plots and directional preference plots idenitifying chromosome interaction domains and their boundaries

Key Publications

N. Takemata and S.D. Bell (2021) “Multi-scale architecture of archaeal chromosomes” Molecular Cell, 81, 473-487

N. Takemata, R.Y. Samson and S.D. Bell (2019) “Physical and functional compartmentalization of archaeal chromosomes”. Cell, 179, 165-179